Kent Loft Conversions

Creative Lofts’ team has been working in London and the Home Counties – including Kent  – for almost a decade. We have built a reputation based on quality, trust, and excellent customer service, which we strive to maintain with every single loft conversion.

Kent’s proximity to London, excellent schools, and rising house prices make it one of the most coveted areas in the South East. Once our clients find a home there, they’re often reluctant to move – that’s why loft conversions are so popular in the area. A loft conversion can increase living space by up to a third, with no need to move or pay additional costs such as stamp duty. A quality loft conversion can increase house prices by up to a fifth, so the additional value may well cover the entire cost of the building project.

Building in Kent

Our knowledge of the area means that we have good relationships with suppliers and an understanding of the planning requirements and restrictions across Kent. We will guide you through the process, and our architectural partners in the area will offer advice so that your loft conversion can be built as soon as possible, without having to reapply for planning permission or make extensive changes from the first drafts.

Working with a specialist like Creative Lofts means that you benefit from our skills and experience in this single build type, rather than relying on general building skills on a very specific job. Loft conversion builds need excellent knowledge of structure integrity, how materials interact, and how to make the most of awkward spaces – the only way you gain the necessary knowledge is through practice and honing those skills on every single job.

If you would like to find out more about building a loft conversion in Kent, please get in touch. Our team are happy to make recommendations on loft conversion type and carry out a free assessment so that you have an exact quote for your project.

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