This spacious and comfortable dormer loft conversion in Broxbourne. Includes a large double bedroom and compact bathroom. The additional headroom from the dormers and spotlights in the ceiling makes the room feel more like. The rest of the house then a loft conversion addition.

As part of the loft conversion build, we added cupboards under the roof to allow clients to remove clutter. From the rest of the house and still use part of the loft as storage. This addition also meant that the room had more of a square shape. Since most of the storage was under the most acute angle of the roof, removing this part from the loft conversion completely.

Recommend Space-saving Ideas

Who finished the Dormer window with blinds rather than curtains to make the most of the space. And the bathroom has a glazed entrance rather than partition walls, which again makes the most of the room available. We always recommend space-saving ideas like these so that you can create a spacious and well-designed loft conversion that fits your needs without feeling cramped.

The clients were pleased with the standard of work and quality of customer service that our team delivered. We always ensure that clients are kept up to date on the latest developments and any impact they may have on the schedule. This means that you always know the break-through date and any other key dates that may impact your schedule.

Build A Dormer Loft Conversion in Broxbourne, Bedroom

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