Top Loft Conversions in London

Loft Conversions in London are an increasingly popular option, where space is at a premium and moving home can have a huge impact on your commute and cost of living. Converting your loft space can add up to 30% more living space to your home, offer additional storage areas, and hugely increase the value of your home when you do finally come to sell.

Due to the general property values in the city, most homes qualify for stamp duty when you come to move house – on a lot of properties, just the cost of stamp duty can be close to the entire cost of building a loft conversion. Adding in the inconvenience of moving and the costs of solicitors/movers/etc. And converting your loft may well be the economical choice as well as the most convenient one.

Loft Conversions in London Planning Permission

Planning for loft conversions in London is easier to obtain after several amendments that allow people to build upwards to the same level as adjacent or surrounding buildings. In many instances, you may not need planning permission at all and should be able to build as a permitted development if you are happy with the restrictions set on this type of loft conversion.

Whether you’re building a permitted development or a much larger loft conversion with planning permission required, get in touch to discuss your plans, and we will help remove the stress from the process.

Loft Conversion Costs

The cost of your loft conversion depends on the type of rooms you are building, space it’s built-in, the type of loft conversion, and the materials used. We offer free quotes so that you know exactly how much a loft conversion will cost in your home, rather than a general figure that may not be totally accurate. Get in touch to find out how much your loft conversion will cost.

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